Twitter Deserves A Crown As Its Coronation Jokes Bring Down The Abbey

"This could have been an email."
King Charles III was crowned, but Twitter reigned today
King Charles III was crowned, but Twitter reigned today
AARON CHOWN via Getty Images

Think it was just King Charles and Queen Camilla who were crowned today? Think again – it was Twitter who truly ruled the roost.

While the royals were performing a historic (and solemn) ceremony, filled with ancient rituals and symbolism, Twitter was busy cooking up all of its best jokes.

From gently poking fun at the guests to giving all of the royals a ribbing, the platform showed no mercy.

And there’s no denying that the first coronation in 70 years has given us some iconic moments, including Prince Louis being completely over the whole thing before it has even begun.

Then there’s been an appearance from Tory MP Penny Mordaunt, carrying a giant sword before the King, twinning from Princess Charlotte and her mother Kate Middleton (otherwise known as the Princess of Wales) and a highly-anticipated appearance from the royal rebel, Prince Harry.

A surprising list of celebrities have turned up too, including Katy Perry – in a camp lilac outfit – and a speech from PM Rishi Sunak.

And Charles may have been the UK’s longest-serving heir apparent, but he was not excluded from the online teasing either.

It’s been royally packed. So here’s what Twitter has been making of it all:


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