Tyrrell's Raspberry Bellini Crisps Are Not Going Down Well

'I always love an opportunity to use the word ‘abomination’'.

Posh crisps brand Tyrrell’s has launched raspberry Bellini crisps in time for Christmas and people are not happy about it.

Tesco tweeted about the new festive crisp, which it is stocking in store and online, and Twitter users were quick to respond with an almost resounding nope.

We love crisps and we love raspberry Bellinis, but should the two have a love child? Most definitely not.

“I’d rather scoop out my eyes with a rusty spoon,” wrote Emma Smith on Twitter. Meanwhile Tim Haslam said: “I always love an opportunity to use the word ‘abomination’.”

We had the pleasure opportunity to try these crisps earlier this year and can confirm they are every bit as weird as you might imagine.

They smell sickly sweet like a doughnut, but when you bite on the crisp you end up just incredibly confused – instead of a fluffy and delicious doughnut you are chewing on an incredibly sugary, oily crisp. We offered these around the office to gauge everyone’s thoughts and the reviews were overwhelmingly negative.

There’s a fine line between launching a good Christmas crisp and an utterly abhorrent one. Iceland’s Christmas Fir Tree went down like a sack of potatoes in a HuffPost UK taste test earlier this year, but its Pigs In Blankets crisps were deliciously moreish. Meanwhile, Co-op’s brie and cranberry Christmas trees offer a fun festive twist on a cheesy nacho.

What are your favourite festive crisp flavours? Let us know in the comments below.