UK Weather Forecast Shows The Heatwave Is Coming To An End Pretty Soon

So stop whinging.

Everyone in the UK is officially melting as temperatures reach into the mid-30Cs in many areas.

Public Health England (PHE) has urged people to look out for elderly relatives and friends who may be susceptible to the high temperatures - and to take extra care of young children, babies and those with heath issues, the Press Association reported.

And St John Ambulance has also issued advice, urging people to be aware of headaches, dizziness and cramp which can be signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

At lunchtime in London and Cardiff the mercury had reached 32C, while Cambridge enjoyed 31C and Liverpool hit 30C - and forecaster Grahame Madge said temperatures from London to the West Midlands could reach 34C.

Bookmaker Coral has offered odds-on at 10-11 that thermometers will reach 37.78 (100F) or higher anywhere in the UK this week, with 1-3 that there will be a hosepipe ban this summer.

BUT it’s not going to last for much longer...

Emma Sharples from the Met Office told The Huffington Post UK: “Today is already the hottest day of the year so far after yesterday and we’ll continue to keep the hot and humid conditions with us through the night-time period.

“But that is going to lead to the development of some thunderstorms overnight. We’ve got a weather warning out for that, more for northern parts of the UK for tonight and into tomorrow.

“That does bring with it fresher conditions and a cooler feeling to things as well as we go through tomorrow but the eastern side of England will still be quite hot tomorrow, still see temperatures of around 30C.

“Thereafter though, it will go back to what we would more normally expect for this time of year, so low-mid twenties from Thursday onwards.”

She added that we’re set to see a mix of weather with some sunny spells - but Friday could also see some “sharp showers”.

Grahame Madge added that thing could end up going even further, with the possibility of up to 50mm of rain and potential flash-flooding - with a weather warning for everywhere north of a line stretching from Bristol to The Wash.

So enjoy being able to complain about the heat while you can, folks.