07/06/2017 12:33 BST | Updated 07/06/2017 12:39 BST

UK Weather Forecast: Met Office Warns Of Rain On Polling Day

Keep this in mind and an umbrella in your hand.

Thursday is a vitally important day during which we should hopefully all be exercising our rights to participate in democracy by voting.

It stands to reason that the weather may well play a part in this and thus consider yourself both forewarned and thus forearmed with this forecast.

The day will begin with sporadic rain – heavy at times - moving northwards, focusing mainly on Wales, the north of England, Northern Ireland and north Scotland.

Sam Edwards via Getty Images
Believe it or not, humans have evolved enough to vote in rainy conditions (file picture) 

This band of rain will move from the western side of the country north eastwards by lunchtime.  

Central and south eastern areas including East Anglia will remain drier though feeling cooler, with a risk of showers only after 6pm.

With this in mind – and with umbrella in hand – there remains little excuse not to cast your ballot.   

Friday will feature drier weather more widely spread although there will be some showers around, eventually moving over to the eastern side and out to the North Sea. Temperatures will be slightly higher with London on course to reach 20-21C and the rest of the country expecting figures in the mid to high teens.

Another front will be moving in from the south west over Friday night and into Saturday morning. It will push north east over the course of the day, bringing some rain.

By Saturday the mercury could be nudging the mid 20s in central areas, which are expected to stay dry.

But the cherry on the top of this slightly soggy cake is undoubtedly Sunday, with chances of a whopping 28/29C in breaks in the cloud, heralding a happy return to the warm humidity of recent days.