UK Weather Forecast: No More Heatwave And Storms Says Met Office

It's going to feel 'fresh' this week.

After a bank holiday weekend of blistering heat and torrential downpours, you can look forward to a calmer time this week, at least weather-wise.

The UK won’t be reaching the heady highs [and squelchy damp lows] of the last few days, but it will be fairly dry, feeling much fresher and less uncomfortably humid.

A band of rain moving through Ireland and West Scotland will bring showers to the north on Tuesday afternoon, but the south should stay dry.

While the south of the country will experience a warm night, it’ll be chillier further north as a weather front spreads east, affecting Northern Ireland and west Scotland, though clearing east Anglia and the south east.

Temperatures are set to hover around the mid to high 20s this week, with a chance of hitting 27C on Friday. As a contrast, last Friday was the hottest day of the year so far, with a peak of 29.4C registered in Lossiemouth, north Scotland.

Though warm, the possibility of some thundery showers will make way for a clear weekend of fresh, dry and sunny weather, though there will be the odd downpour in the north and west.

Thursday marks the meteorological start of summer, concluding on 31 August.