25/04/2018 10:42 BST | Updated 25/04/2018 11:11 BST

UK Weather Forecast: Hail And Thundery Showers On The Way

Don’t forget your brolly.

Met Office predictions of wintry weather for this week may have fallen somewhat short of the mark, but April still seems determined to check out on a damp squib.

Though there will be bright conditions across all of the UK on Wednesday, there will be some heavy showers typical to the time of year, with more thundery outbreaks across the south of England, gradually dying out overnight. Hail could also make an appearance this afternoon.

Although last week the mercury hit a record-breaking 29C in central London, temperatures both today and tomorrow are set to be much more standard, with highs in the south east expected to hit 16C.

On Thursday the north east and Scotland will experience heavy showers and strong gusts in places, with a low pressure system in the south west carrying the rain past midnight and through to Friday.

Friday is the big black cloud day of the week – with rain spreading across all of England and Wales, up into Ireland. Heavier bursts will occur across the Midlands and northern England and temperatures will dip slightly to a decidedly average 11-12C, though this could rise up to the mid teens in sheltered places.

The showery regime will continue into the weekend, with heavier downpours along the south east and Essex coast. The mercury will stay in much the same position, though highs of 17C in London and south east are not out of the realm of possibility.