10/11/2017 14:02 GMT | Updated 10/11/2017 16:36 GMT

UK Weather: Met Office Forecasts An Arctic Blast With Some Snow

It's going to be chilly!

Prepare to engage in full hibernation mode – this weekend is, aptly for November, going to be wet and cold with a chance of snow.

While Friday has been largely fine and dry with some showers in Scotland, a band of wet weather is moving across the west, bringing a grey, soggy start to south and central England and Wales on Saturday morning.

Things will be looking brighter in Scotland and Northern Ireland, though there will be some showers along the coast.

While the mercury will peak at around 12/13C in the south, it will struggle to reach double figures in the north, straining to hit a weedy 8C in Carlisle and 7C in Newcastle, thanks to an Arctic maritime air mass moving in.

There will be a clearing effect come Sunday, which will bring sunshine and showers, but here is when things get really chilly and raw.

The south may reach highs of 10C, but further north the mercury will drop to 6C in places like Leeds and Newcastle.

Sunday night into Monday will be very cold, with widespread frost in cloudless skies, and temperatures reaching -3C and -5C in some parts of the country.

Parts of rural Scotland could plummet to a hair-raising -8C and there will snow in the hills.

The rest of the country may well see wintry showers with some sleet and perhaps even snow flurries, though nothing is expected to settle.