Parents Decide To Do Pregnancy Photoshoot To Show Dirty Side Of Parenting

And it is perfect📷

All parents know that trying to get a photograph with all your children smiling, looking at the camera and not fighting with each other is the pinnacle of parenting achievements.

But now one mum and dad have decided to embrace the imperfect, realistic side of family life in their pregnancy photoshoot.

Brittany and Jon Barton, from Texas, were scheduled to have professional pictures taken by photographer Elaine Baca just a week or so before the mother-of-two was due to give birth to their third son.

But because things never quite work out the way we would like, the weather was not cooperating.

Baca said: “In the weeks leading up to the maternity session, the rain was relentless. We had rescheduled the session a couple of times already and Brittany was quickly approaching the end of her pregnancy.”

But instead of being defeated by the elements and taking the pictures inside, Baca suggested something a little less conventional.

“They have a huge backyard which backs up to a field and I knew it had lots of muddy puddles, so I asked her what she thought about playing in the rain and ending with a mud fight. I don’t think she even hesitated, she said she trusted my vision and wanted to go for it,” she explained.

And the results are perfect – with Declan, 4, and Noah, 2, in their element being allowed to play in the mud.

Sharing the images to the ‘Love What Matters’ Facebook page, other parents have been quick to praise the Barton family.

Susan Davies said: “This is the best photo shoot I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t stand those phony shoots with props and outfits that make everyone look uncomfortable. This is totally representative of a family with two little boys and another one on the way!”

Laura Gilbert said: “This right here is the kind of picture I would want to hang huge on my walls for years to come, it’s called reality!”

Although we have to say, we don’t envy the person in charge of washing those clothes.