29/11/2018 10:08 GMT | Updated 29/11/2018 10:08 GMT

Unique Baby Names: Take Inspiration From These Top Trends Around The World

Noor, Mila and Elias are some of our favourites 😍

If you’re not content with mining the most popular baby names in the UK, why not take inspiration from further afield to find something unique for your little one?

Parenting site BabyCentre asks all parents to give their baby’s name when registering for the site, and with the thousands of registrations it receives every year, they have a pretty good idea of what’s trending. This year, it’s teamed up with international editions to bring you the top 10 charts for girls’ and boys’ names from countries all over the world, including India, France and Australia. 

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We’ve picked 15 of our favourites from these lists, but you can see the full top 10s on the website here. Who knows, maybe one of these names will be exactly what you’re looking for.

AleMoraes244 via Getty Images

Top girls’ names around the world:

Noor (Arabia)

Mira (Arabia)

Joury (Arabia)

Willow (Australia)

Valentina (Brasil)

Aria (Canada)

Lea (Canada)

Lina (Germany)

Emilia (Germany)

Kiara (India)

Samaira (India)

Mila (France)

Rose (France)

Elena (Spain)

Riley (US).

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Top boys’ names around the world:

Khalid (Arabia)

Jackson (Australia)

Mason (Australia)

Theo (Brasil)

Davi (Brasil)

Bernardo (Brasil)

Logan (Canada)

Grayson (Canada)

Elias (Germany)

Felix (Germany)

Kabir (India)

Raphael (France)

Jules (France)

Sebastian (Spain)

Elijah (US).