The Most Popular Unisex Baby Names In England And Wales Aren't Very Traditional

Would you choose Ruby, James or Reggie?

Unisex baby names are nothing new (think Charlie, Alex and Ali), but increasingly parents are breaking down traditional gender boundaries by choosing names for both boys and girls that have long been associated with just one gender.

Online marketplace sought to discover the most popular unisex baby names. They used data on unisex choices from Nameberry and compared these to the most recent official ONS list of popular baby names in England and Wales to see where they ranked.

They found the top 20 unisex names that ranked the highest in 2016 were:

Peter Amend via Getty Images

1. Noah

2. Charlie

3. James

4. Max

5. Logan

6. Ruby

7. Evelyn

8. Theo

9. Mason

10. Finley

Wavebreakmedia via Getty Images

11. Dylan

12. Riley

13. Teddy

14. Harper

15. Erin

16. Tory

17. Arlo

18. Luca

19. Harley

20. Reggie.

As part of their research, OnBuy also surveyed 1,466 parents from England and Wales and asked them what they thought of the names; 45% said they would choose a unisex name.

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