Eric Monkman Vs Bobby Seagull: University Challenge Cambridge Team Captains Have (Not So Secret) Bromance

University of Cambridge contestants who are good pals go head-to-head in the semi-finals.
Monkman Vs Seagull is the University Challange battle that all of Britain has been waiting for
Monkman Vs Seagull is the University Challange battle that all of Britain has been waiting for
Eric Monkman

Two University Challenge icons - both from the University of Cambridge - will captain opposing teams in the semi-finals on Monday 27 March.

Eric Monkman, of Wolfson College, captured the hearts of viewers with his incredible intelligence and soon became a social media icon.

Bobby Seagull, of Emmanuel College, first caught the public’s attention for having such a memorable name and even blogged for The Huffington Post UK about being a big name on campus.

But one thing you might not know - unless you follow them religiously on Twitter - is the rivals are actually really good mates.

Here’s a potted history of the Monkman Vs Seagull (not so secret) bromance.

It all began when Seagull diverted attention away from a Twitter compliment following #TeamEmma’s win against SOAS in the second round of the 2016-17 season.

Monkman was quick to return the compliment.

The following week when Monkman’s Wolfson College team came up against another Cambridge rival - Jesus College - Seagull tweeted best wishes to his friend.

Monkman, at home in Canada as the episode aired, tweeted this adorable reply.

And in true Monkman/Seagull fashion the conversation continued.

Then Seagull came up with a cunning plan. (Not really Monkman, guys.)

And Seagull, a little more vocal on Twitter than his pal Monkman, documented the ups and downs of the bromance.

He even pointed out interesting articles to his friend.

They are always unbelievably polite to one another.

Seagull almost acts as a spokesman for Monkman at times.

They miss each other a lot.

Come on, admit it. We all wants a friend like this.

They don’t mind sharing the limelight either.

And Seagull’s team are happy to support Monkman’s appearances.

And they get together when he’s back in the UK.

Here Seagull shared his appreciation for Monkman not only a friend, but also as a viewer.

And was even willing to share his ties.

Seagull’s #Monkmania never ceases, as shown here.

And of course Monkman paid the compliment back.

But Monkman realised the semi-final will transform friends temporarily into rivals.

And Seagull realised the same.

Thank goodness it’s only temporary.

Bring. It. On.

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