28/03/2017 10:23 BST

Hundreds Of University of Glasgow Medical Students Forced To Resit Exams Amid Cheating Allegations

'Patient safety is the most important thing.'

Hundreds of medical students at one of Scotland’s top universities will be forced to resit a clinical exam amid allegations of cheating. 

The University of Glasgow informed around 270 final year undergraduates they would have to retake the exam after evidence of collusion was uncovered. 

It is believed that a “handful” of students posted information about the test on social media to alert their classmates about what it involved.

Medical students at the University of Glasgow will have to resit the clinical exam in May over cheating allegations 

The clinical exam, taken by students over the course of a week, sees the medics examine and diagnose real patients.

A spokesperson for Glasgow University told The Huffington Post UK that “20 or 25 students” could have seen the leaked information, rendering the exam “void”. 

“Patient safety is the most important thing for us,” they said. 

A statement released by the university added: “This decision has been made in an abundance of caution to ensure that the skills of our students are rigorously and fairly tested before they graduate in Medicine.”  

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Students involved in the scam will face 'disciplinary procedures' 

Students involved in the cheating are set to face “disciplinary and fitness to practice procedures”, while final year students will take a new clinical exam in May. 

BMA Scotland’s Mita Dhullipala said the news was “very concerning”.  

She said: “We support the decision to arrange for the exam to be re-taken to ensure that those tested are subject to a process that is fair and adequately assesses students’ individual capabilities.”