Experts are divided over whether this could help or hinder treatment.
Unfortunately, my experience is all too common. If you find yourself in a situation like I did, here's what you should do.
The millionaire prime minister's understanding of the challenges the NHS faces have been under the microscope recently.
The prime minister has ditched a Tory leadership campaign pledge to fine patients who miss GP appointments £10.
The health secretary told the Conservative Party conference that "we shouldn't always go first to the state".
This week, Black Ballad is guest-editing HuffPost UK with a series by Black women on parenting, family, and our post-Covid future.
Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) started in 1948 with the mission that no person is “denied medical aid because of lack of means.” Today, on its 72nd birthday, it is the 5th largest employer in the world and has pioneered everything from heart transplants to IVF babies.
The government's "perverse" decision to set up new laboratories is contributing to testing problems, it is claimed.
As cleanliness and hygiene move to the top of everyone’s agenda amid the coronavirus pandemic, the government’s criteria for some to be deemed a key worker excludes some cleaning staff. People within the industry are asking for more recognition.