Educational Testing

Nick Gibb made the statement during a hearing on young people’s mental health provision.
Like many mums the length and breadth of the country, I’m currently waiting to find out if my son has got into our chosen
The news that Oxford University is extending the time allowed for Maths exams in a bid to help women achieve better grades is anything but progressive
We have to make sure students don’t carry related stigma into their adult lives, diminishing opportunity
In June 2017, students in England sat the new 9-1 maths GCSE papers for the first time. The change was more than a simple
Think tank says 'contextual admissions' would mean hundreds more going to selective institutions.
Hundreds more poor students could be admitted to the UK’s top universities if entry requirements for these youngsters were
A teenage girl who battled her 27th round of chemotherapy while sitting her GCSE exams has celebrated a string of top grades