Unleashed: Off-Lead Adventure Park For Dogs Opens (And The Pics Are Pawsome)

Like Go Ape – but on land for our four-legged friends.

An adventure park for dogs has opened – complete with a dog-friendly lake and assault course area filled with logs, tunnels and see-saws.

The three-acre park near Nantwich, Cheshire, is basically a canine Go Ape (but on land and for four-legged friends), letting dogs go off-lead in a safe and secure environment.

It opened officially on 25 May and is run by dog owner Jess Fleet, who couldn’t find places for her spaniel to play off its lead. “We’ve had the land in our family for a while and it’s an idea I’ve always had,” she told Cheshire Live.

The park is surrounded by fences and set away from the main road. Pooches can swim in the lake (which is up to two metres deep), run through the trees and chase each other around logs and obstacles.

There’s also drinking water on tap, compost poo disposal and a dog wash area for mucky pups. Owners can book sessions for their doggos throughout the day – with some for small dogs only, some for medium-sized and larger dogs, and one that’s open to all.

So far the park has been a hit with dog owners. In a review on Facebook, one wrote: “Great place. The options for different types of dogs gave me the confidence to take Stanley to his first place like this. He loved it. Small enough to not be too daunting for him but plenty big enough for him to have some room to himself if he wanted some quiet time.

“Jess seemed to try to check in on everyone (humans and dogs) without it feeling forced. Will definitely be returning.”

Another wrote: “Fantastic, friendly environment! My dog has had the best afternoon here! Will definitely be back soon.”

There are strict rules for those attending the park. Visitors should bring no more than three dogs per adult, and all dogs must be up-to-date with their vaccinations. If a dog is unwell or showing any signs of ill health, they are advised not to visit – as are female dogs in heat or in season.

Only friendly or sociable dogs are allowed in the group sessions – “if your dog has any behaviour issues, is aggressive or is not comfortable with other dogs, please do not bring them to group sessions,” the rules state – though private field hire is available.

All dogs visiting must wear a collar or harness and ID tag, and their owners should wear appropriate footwear.

When can we go?