No Jackie Weaver, but plenty of drama – and more than 3,000 people watching live.
In scenes that can only be described as unmitigated chaos, the titans of the Cheshire parish’s political scene came face to face – and proceedings soon turned ugly. `The video has since gone viral making the name of the clerk, Jackie Weaver, trend on Twitter.
In this street in Cheshire, neighbours are coming out into the street every morning to get their groove on during the coronavirus lockdown. Led by a local fitness instructor, the socially distant dancing aims to get people of all ages moving and offer a much-needed boost to morale.
The observatory, in Cheshire, was established by physicist Bernard Lovell in 1945.
He has been remanded in custody until his next hearing on Monday.
Like Go Ape – but on land for our four-legged friends.
Naude joined the police in order to target young girls, a court heard.
'I understand this is your first visit to northern England.'