US Author Janie Johnson Who Claimed London Is 'All Islamic' Prompts Hilarious Twitter Backlash

'An Islamic minaret now stands beside England's House of Parliament.'

When an American author claimed that London has “gone” and is now “all Islamic”, members of the British public couldn’t resist the opportunity to show her what’s really going on in the capital.

Janie Johnson, from Nevada, tweeted this hot take, courtesy of a “friend”:

When a fellow user said the US “must not let it happen to America”, Johnson also went on claim that Britons had “let their culture just be erased”.

Twitter users quickly piled in with their suggestions on how London has clearly become “all Islamic”. Or not...

The London skyline is starting to look rather different now

In fact some of our most recognisable buildings have been taken over

Business names now reflect the ‘all Islamic’ nature of the city

Even the so-called Islamic State terror group seems to have a foothold in some places

Londoners are required to follow strict Islamic dress code

Even the Queen herself has had to submit

And worryingly, Brighton also seems to have been affected

The study found that public institutions sometimes condone “regressive, divisive and harmful cultural and religious practices” for fear of being branded racist.

The year-long study, which was commissioned by former prime minister David Cameron found divisions within communities is growing in some places.

Casey said: “We can no longer duck difficult issues.” Public bodies were accused of going “too far to accommodate diversity and freedom of expression”.

The report also said immigrants should have to take an “oath of integration” and schoolchildren should be taught “British values” to help bring communities together.

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