Victoria Sport: We Try The New Sports Range From Bras To Leggings

The results are pretty surprising...

Victoria’s Secret is something of an institution in the underwear world - from the OTT show itself to the supernaturally stunning models.

But when news arrived that the lingerie brand was branching into sportswear, we confess: we did something of a collective eye-roll.

Not because of the brand, but because sportswear is pretty serious business and far too many companies are branching into it with hit-and-miss consequences.

There is a big difference, for instance, between spending £60 - £90 on a pair of leggings from a fitness-specific brand which uses the latest technology to support your training, and a pair of fashion leggings whose main function is to look pretty but in actual fact has little support.

Victorias Secret

However, life writer Amy Packham and I decided to give them a go and see how the kit measured up. According to VS, the kit can be worn for a number of different activities. Between us, we both do a range of different sport from boxing to running, gym training to yoga.

Here’s the verdict:

Poorna Bell

Writer: Poorna Bell

Kit: Knockout Tight, Body Wick Vest and Knockout Wireless Sports Bra

Activity: Weight lifting

Aesthetics: Design-wise, I can’t fault the kit. The collection has a good mix of loud prints but also plain tones, and a lot of the pieces mix and match well. I’d probably wear most of these - with the exception of the leggings with the branding on the side.

Quality: Amazing. It looks durable, the seams are neat, and for the price point, good value for money. Bras start from £13 going up to £33, while leggings are around the £60 mark.

In action: What I’m looking for in good kit is freedom of movement, comfortability and sturdiness. Unsurprisingly, from a lingerie brand, the bra is superb. It’s difficult to find a good sports bra and this was comfortable, supportive and not restrictive. However the leggings got top billing. They shape your legs in a flattering way, and the waistband is great for holding your tummy in when you’re doing squats and deadlifts. The vest is fine, but if you’re strapped for cash I’d put your money in the bra or leggings.

Verdict: Would definitely buy this based on price point, design and quality and I’m very selective about sports brands - I only use Nike or Sweaty Betty. However, one word of advice.

As much as I love the VS models and they all have strong fitness levels, what I’m looking for from a sports brand is to be inspired and feel it’s relatable. Unfortunately because they have very similar body types and height, the models don’t make me feel like that, so if VS could diversify for their sports range, I’d be loyal for life. Until then, it’s Nike for life.

Amy Packham

Writer: Amy Packham

Kit: Knockout Tight, Body Wick Vest and Knockout Wireless Sports Bra

Activity: Spin class, body weight circuits and Pilates

Aesthetics: The kit is as stylish as you’d expect, with vibrant patterns on the tights and sports bra. As someone who often wears leggings with Aztec patterns and bright colours, I was pleasantly surprised at the range of colours and prints they had on offer. There’s also pieces, such as the vests, that are plain with bold colours to complement the tights.

Quality: The tights were the biggest surprise: the thick fabric is smooth yet breathable. I’ve never gone for a padded sports bra so I was sceptical, but the VS ones had good quality thick bra straps and a softened support band. I was very impressed. I wasn’t sold on the mesh-like fabric of the cotton vests.

In action: The form-fitting leggings are exactly what you need for workouts: ones that don’t fall down at the crotch. The high-waisted band helps them sit tight whether you’re doing a body weight circuit, spin class or stretching during Pilates.

There’s also a hidden pocket (that took me a while to find) at the back to fit phones or keys. The sports bra was comfortable to wear during a high-intensity workout and I could have easily worn it on a run, too. It was very supportive. The mesh-like vest was airy for sweaty workouts, but I wasn’t sold on the high-neck shape.

Verdict: I would definitely buy the leggings - it’s hard to find a pair comfy enough to wear for a variety of workouts and that fit like a glove and I have a new-found appreciation for bras that keep everything snug without feeling restrictive.

I wouldn’t fork out for the vests and don’t feel like they add any extra exercise value.

Victoria Sport 2016 Collection


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