We Love Lamp: Why Turning On The Big Light Is Almost Always A Bad Idea

"It’s called the ‘ugly’ light in our home."

After a long day at work, you head home and settle down on the sofa to put your feet up. Before you know it, someone has come in and turned on the big light, burning your retina in the process. How dare they?

Ever thought you were the only person who knows that to achieve a relaxing environment, you need an army of lamps and soft lighting? You’re not. Because the overhead bulb is, obviously, reserved solely for finding the remote down the back of the sofa.

And it seems the internet agrees, after Mhairi McFarlane made her feelings known and described the big light as being “like a police interrogation room”.

Plenty of people were quick to share the only reason they turn the big light on.

They also explained why they hate it so much.

People even shared the names they’ve given the big light in their home.

And some just shared stories about other people’s horrendous light situations.

The only solution? Buy yourself some lamps, people.