This Is What An Astronaut Sees On A Six-Month Mission To Space

What are they doing up there?

An astronaut’s average mission to space can last anywhere between six months to over a year in length, but have you ever wondered what exactly they are doing up there?

Now earthlings are getting a fascinating insight into the daily life of French astronaut Tom Pesquet, who is on a six-month-mission to the International Space Station [ISS].


Pesquet reveals what you can really expect to get up to while you’re floating around in space.

1. You don’t get a lie in.

2. You will experience 16 sunrises a day.

3. Your clothes will have a life of their own.

4. Your room still won’t be tidy.

5. You will still get to listen to your Spotify playlist.

6. You will have to do some experiments that you won’t enjoy.

7. You won’t see any aliens... (probably)

8. You definitely won’t get bored.

9. You won’t always know what you’re looking at (it’s New Delhi).

10. You’ll need to work out how to use the thermostat.

11. You might have to get your hands dirty.

12. You will still have to get on a treadmill.

13. You will see nature in all its glory.

14. And you will see your home in a completely different light.


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