What Time Is The Queen's Speech? What To Expect From The State Opening Of Parliament 2016

All the information about the State Opening of Parliament.

The Queen's Speech will see the government unveil its plans for the year ahead, followed by a debate on the issues raised.

This year it is taking place on Wednesday 18 May.

Although delivered by the monarch, the speech is written for her by the government.

What time is the Queen's Speech?

<strong>The Queen travels to the Houses of Parliament in her horse-drawn carriage</strong>
The Queen travels to the Houses of Parliament in her horse-drawn carriage
Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP

Todays events are set to begin at around 11am, when the Queen will leave Buckingham Palace. She will make a short journey in her horse-drawn carriage to the Houses of Parliament.

The morning's events are as follows:

11.15am - The Queen arrives at Westminster and enters through the Sovereign's Entrance.

MPs walk over to the House of Lords in preparation to listen to the speech.

11.30am - The Queen delivers the speech.

2.30pm - MPs debate the issues raised in the speech.

<strong>The Queen giving her speech in 2015</strong>
The Queen giving her speech in 2015
Ben Stansall/PA Archive

What will be in the Queen's Speech?

The text of the speech is not previewed ahead of its reading but there are often a number of leaks regarding its contents...

  • Radical prison reform - the BBC reported that prison governors could be given "unprecedented" new powers, with more control over budget and daily regimes.

  • The so-called 'Seven Day NHS' - this is rumoured to be mentioned in the speech.

  • Scrapping of the Human Rights Act - plans to replace the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights are expected to be mentioned, according to the BBC.

  • Curbing Islamist extremism - plans to stop hate speakers working with children and other vulnerable people are among those reported by the Telegraph.

  • Driverless cars and a spaceport - the Guardian suggested that cutting-edge technology like this could make an appearance as it would help to create more jobs.