04/06/2018 10:50 BST | Updated 04/06/2018 11:17 BST

Why Did Harry Styles Take A Chicken To A London Fish And Chip Shop?

The #GucciGang walked into the fish and chip shop and...

Harry Styles and Gucci go together like bread and butter, salt and pepper and even, a live chicken and a fish and chip shop. Yes, a live chicken and a chippy - you know, that common “narrative sequence that echoes famous photographs and scenes from British film”.

That’s how the fashion house has explained the idea behind their latest campaign which sees Styles ordering fish and chips to share with his pet chicken and dogs. 

Can anyone say #GucciGang?

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In Gucci’s latest tailoring campaign, the singer is seen in his usual get up of flamboyant suits. Think over the top floral embroidered lapels, pearly Gucci logos and... sliders with socks.

But forget the footwear, the images we can’t remove from our minds are those in which Styles’ pet chicken and dogs make an appearance in a North London chippy.

We hope that’s not a chicken burger Harry...

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Clearly not an accessory that can be pre-ordered, the former One Directioner appeared to be Dr. Dolittle (although it could have something to do with the chips in his hand) as the animals were beckoned to his call. 

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So now we know why the chicken crossed the road.