28/05/2017 10:33 BST | Updated 30/05/2017 16:23 BST

Will Young Reveals He Quit 'Strictly Come Dancing' Because Of 'Stuff Going On Personally'

He didn't blame Len Goodman's comments.

When Will Young abruptly quit the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ competition last year, it seemed as though Len Goodman’s negative comments had pricked his sensitive skin. 

However, the star’s decision to leave the show had nothing to do with what the then-head judge said about him, as he explained to the Times newspaper. The ‘Leave Right Now’ singer said it was because of “a number of things”.

Will Young quit the show, despite praising his partner Karen Clifton

He said: 

“It was important for me to leave Strictly for my own wellbeing.

“It was a number of things. It was nothing to do with the people on the show, and it certainly wasn’t because Len Goodman dissed my salsa – I mean, come on!

“I love dance, and because of the stuff that was going on personally, I just wasn’t enjoying the dancing.” 

Will quit the show after only three weeks, and retreated from the spotlight for a while. However, he’ll be back in action this summer, with a string of summer festival dates, and a role on BBC show ‘Pitch Battle’. 

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