01/02/2019 06:00 GMT | Updated 01/02/2019 06:00 GMT

8 Best Hot Water Bottles To Keep You Snuggly In The Snow

Bring on the cold weather.

It’s that time of the year when all we want to do is hibernate at home and make best friends with our central heating. 

For those evenings when you want to snuggle up on the sofa (or the mornings where getting out of bed seems like torture) a hot water bottle is the perfect way to keep yourself warm and toasty.

Don’t have one already or looking for an upgrade? Here are 8 of the best hot water bottles available to buy now. 

Grey fur hot water bottle, Argos, £10

You’re cold and tired and you just want to snuggle the most comforting thing in the world - may we present the furry hot water bottle. Keeps you warm and you can pretend you’re cuddling a kitten. Just don’t spill any water on it. 

Buy it here. 

Personalised hot water bottle, Etsy, £15.99

Ever gone to use your hot water bottle and it’s been missing? Say goodbye to those days of fighting and remind family members, housemates, colleagues (and anyone who’ll listen tbh) that this monogrammed bottle belongs to you.

Buy it here.

Yellow velvet hot water bottle, Trouva, £15.30

This velvet hot water bottle feels unnecessarily decadent, like you’re a minor member of the royal family. But that’s no bad thing if you ask us. Plus the yellow colour is bringing us some sunshine when the UK is grey and cold.

Buy it here.  

Pom pom hot water bottle, Marks & Spencer, £20

This pom pom hot water bottle is ticking lots of boxes - warm and adorable. The only thing we would worry about is the pom poms falling off if you’ve got it in bed. But we’re willing to take the risk.

Buy it here

Velvet cat hot water bottle, Oliver Bonas, £24

Hot water bottles aren’t something we usually consider to be an aspirational piece of homeware, but trust Oliver Bonas to give us what we didn’t know we needed. We love everything about it, the velvet, the flowers, the cat *adds to basket*. 

Buy it here.

Llama hot water bottle, Trouva, £14.99

If you’re anything like us, we want llamas on everything at the moment, so this water bottle is right up our street. This is the kind of water bottle you wouldn’t be embarrassed to have in the office for those days when you’ve got period pain, achey joints or the air conditioning is just turned up too high. 

Buy it here

Knitted hot water bottle, John Lewis, £20

Looking for something a little more classic? This blue knitted number from John Lewis is perfectly simple, stylish and warm. It also comes in a light grey colour. 

Buy it here. 

Striped hot water bottle, Etsy, £32

Handmade in the UK this hot water bottle is made from 100% lambswool, which is not only delightfully toasty (and nice to look at) but can also be put in the washing machine. Win win. 

Buy it here.