18/08/2017 10:38 BST | Updated 18/08/2017 15:51 BST

Winnie Harlow's Body-Positive Selfie Celebrates The Uniqueness Of Beauty

'I don’t find my beauty in the opinions of others.'

Winnie Harlow has (almost) bared all in a gorgeously body-positive selfie.

Wearing nothing but a beige thong, the supermodel took a selfie in front of her mirror to share an important lesson in self-love.

Winnie has a skin condition called vitiligo, which causes discolouration of the skin.

“The real difference isn’t my skin,” she wrote in the caption to her 2.5m followers. “It’s the fact that I don’t find my beauty in the opinions of others. I’m beautiful because I know it. Celebrate Your unique beauty today (& everyday)!”

Winnie was bullied at school for her skin, but has used her platform to inspire others and make a stand against bullying.

In an interview with HuffPost UK Style for its Fashion For All campaign, she highlighted the importance of self-love and self-belief: “I think the message is just believing in yourself and having strength and creating confidence by focusing on your opinion of yourself, and not the opinions of others.”

However, the 23-year-old also wants to be known for more than just her condition. 

“I’m very sick of talking about my skin,” Harlow said in an interview with Elle Canada in 2016. “I am literally just a human. I have the same brain as you; there’s a skeleton under my skin just like yours. It’s not that serious.”

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