Little Mix Singer Perrie Edwards Inspires Fans To Love Their Scars With Body Confident Photo

Perrie Edwards has been widely praised for sharing a photo showing off a scar on her torso.

On Saturday, the Little Mix singer shared a snap of herself wearing a low-cut top, revealing the childhood scar which she previously described as her ‘least favourite body part’.

Her fans have since thanked her for the body confident post, saying it helped them come to terms with their own scars.

One fan commented on the picture: “Seeing someone so beautiful and strong embrace her markings makes me want to learn how to love mine too.”

Edwards has previously spoken about being self-conscious of her scar.

Talking to Now magazine about how she got it, she said that when she was a child her oesophagus was too small so she had to have surgery to help her eat properly.

“I had to have lots of operations, so that’s why I don’t want to show it,” she added.

But it seems that the 23-year-old is finally coming to terms with the mark on her body, appreciating that it’s part and parcel of who she is.

When she shared the snap, one fan, known on Instagram as thebionicamy, commented: “I just want to say thanks so much for proudly showing off your scar, it’s so inspiring.

“I have extensive scarring on my legs after ten surgeries and I’m embarrassed to have my legs uncovered. Seeing someone so beautiful and strong embrace her markings makes me want to learn how to love mine too.

“It means everything to people like me, proving pride can come from such pain - thank you Perrie.”

Another, evamatthaiouu, called the singer a “strong and inspiring idol”.

Instagram user katherine12021 said the star helped her to realise “that showing my scar is important”.

“It saved my life and I should be proud of it,” she explained. “Thank you.”

People also took to Twitter to praise Edwards and thank her for her courage.

One woman took a picture of her eight-year-old goddaughter in a crop top, explaining that she “wanted to show off her life-saving scars like her idol”.