06/07/2017 09:23 BST

Woman Asks Stranger On Twitter To Be Her Wedding Date, Marries Him Three Years Later

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Phil Gibson/Twitter

Going to a wedding without a plus one can be daunting, so when Lila Apostolou was preparing for her sister’s wedding in 2014, she jokingly asked Twitter to find her a date.

Little did she know that the man who replied would end up being her husband. 

Phil Gibson responded to Apostolou’s tweet and although the pair had never met, they appeared to hit it off straight away. In fact, they even joked about getting married. 

The pair didn’t end up going to the wedding together, as Apostolou wasn’t quite sure about rocking up to her sister’s big day with a complete stranger. 

However, they did meet up IRL shortly afterwards and the rest, as they say, is history.

The pair recently tied the knot and Apostolou thought it was only right to share their story on Twitter, the place where it all began. 

We hope they have a very happy future together.