05/01/2017 15:18 GMT

Woman Who Lost Five Stone Has An Important Message About Stretch Marks

'They’re a reminder of what you’ve achieved.'

An Imgur user has shared an empowering message about stretch marks after losing more than five stone.

The woman, who goes by the user name @camillehaus, said stretch marks and loose skin are an inevitable part of losing a lot of weight and are nothing to be ashamed of.

“Stretch marks will cover your body. You can not escape them, you’ll get them on your thighs, butt, back, arms, stomach, calves, groin and boobs,” she said.

“The important thing to remember is they are not ugly or unsightly, they’re a reminder of what you’ve achieved.”


The woman shared side-by-side images documenting her fitness transformation as well as images of her stomach.

She explained that it took her two years to lose the weight, by making healthier food choices, being strict with portion sizes and upping her exercise. 


For anyone wishing to lose weight themselves, she recommended finding someone who will help you stay motivated.

“As much as we all love our SOs [significant others] they can sometimes be the worst - ‘I’m happy to be there for you but I think you’re beautiful the way you are’.

“Fuck off with that, if you want your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend to succeed don’t sugar coat it, sugar is what got them into trouble in the first place. Say ‘hell yeah you can do this!’”

She said couples can compromise on meals to keep everyone happy when one is trying to lose weight.

“There has to be a respect for the weight loser,” she said.

“If you wanna order pizza, you gotta make sure both people are satisfied, you could make homemade pizzas instead. If you’re a single Pringle, ask a trusted best friend or a sibling to help you.”

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