06/10/2017 11:13 BST

Woman Who Posted Appeal For Wedding Date On Twitter Is Now Engaged To The Man Who Replied

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The prospect of turning up to a wedding without a date can be daunting, but it worked out pretty well for Madison O’Neill.

Back in 2015, the 20-year-old, from Iowa, tweeted to ask the internet if anyone would be interested in being her wedding date. 

Much to her surprise, a guy she knew from school but wasn’t close with, Charlie Dohrmann, replied to say he could be a plus one. 

Two years later, the pair are now celebrating their own engagement. 

In 2015 Madison tweeted to say: “So hmu [hit me up] if you want to be my date to a wedding tomorrow”. 

Charlie replied to say: “Dude, I’ll be your date at a wedding.”

Madison wasn’t sure about the date but threw caution to the wind and accepted Charlie’s offer anyway. Meanwhile Charlie called in sick to work in order to attend the wedding.

“I remembered her from high school and I knew she was really cute,” he told Mashable.

“I called in sick for work because she had already told me all the info for when the wedding was and I wasn’t about to miss it.”

The pair began dating a week after the wedding and this week, Charlie proposed.

Madison shared their story on Twitter, along with the caption: “Crazy how things work out.”

Her tweet has been liked more than 400,000 times, but this love story isn’t as unique as you may think.

Earlier this year, a woman named Lila Apostolou got married to a man she met via Twitter. Like Madison, she had tweeted in search of a wedding date and married Phil Gibson, the man that replied.

Moral of the story? Don’t panic if you haven’t got a date for a wedding, turn to social media instead. 

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