Zac Goldsmith Held A Twitter Q&A And Everyone Had A Field Day

"If I buy 5 apples at 45p each & 6 oranges at 70p each, how long until the greengrocers is sold off to be turned into luxury flats?"

As if it wasn't already a fairly turbulent day for the Conservatives, London mayoral hopeful Zac Goldsmith took a few hours out of his day to respond to some questions on Twitter.

He soon learned that, not only was it a bad idea in the first place, Friday is not a great time to do it because everyone is in a bit of a mischievous mood.

Using the hashtag #AskZac, people directed their fullest attention to taking the mickey out of the Tory candidate.

A lot of people drew on the recent tax scandals as inspiration:

Some poked fun at his recent BBC interview, in which he failed in a basic London trivia quiz:

While others just stuck with the important stuff.

But at one point Goldsmith himself even managed to sneak in a zinger.

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