20/12/2018 12:18 GMT | Updated 20/12/2018 12:18 GMT

Zara Models Are Wearing Their Clothes Back-To-Front And We’re Confused

Zara, U OK Hun? Xx

Online shopping, while convenient in some ways, is notoriously difficult to get right. It’s not uncommon to order tons of clothes, only to try them on at home and package 99% back up to return to sender.

Zara has decided to make this process even harder with the new images on its site. Instead of asking models to wear clothes correctly, the brand appear to have asked models to wear clothing back-to-front and on the wrong body part entirely.

Is this the result of some creative, conceptual input or are the model’s too hungover from festive drinks to get dressed? We’re not quite sure. But one thing’s certain: the photos are hilarious.

The new images were shared on Twitter by user @melissar_ and has gone viral, with Zara removing the image from its website.

But it isn’t just coats that have been given the unusual treatment, with knitwear and scarves also serving up some strange sartorial choices.


 Why keep warm with a scarf when you can create a DIY skirt from it? 


It’s not just Zara who are guilty with its unusual online styling choice. ASOS has recently changed some of its catwalk videos to artsy clips that rock around, making some of us feel a little seasick.


What happened to just showing the clothing in a normal way guys?

HuffPost UK has contacted Zara for comment.