Film Review: Turbo

Film Review: Turbo

Despite the fact that I am 21 years of age, I am still a huge sucker of kid films, mainly because of their light-hearted humour and their fantastic and good for the soul plot lines, while presenting them in the most wackiest way possible. Therefore when Dreamworks annouced their latest offering, I was intrigued to see it, like any other film.

From Dreamworks we have seen everything from ogres saving princesses to a panda wanting to do kung fu. This time however involved a rather cute little snail.

Theo, played by Ryan Reynolds, is a snail who is fed up of his life of harvesting tomatoes like normal snails do and dreams of competing in the car racing competition Indy 500, alongside his idol Guy Gagnes. He suddenly discovers the chance to do this, when an incident with nitrous oxide leads him to be the fastest snail in town with similar qualities to a car, and a sudden turn of events ends up making his dream of entering the Indy 500 come true.

The film like most Dreamworks movies has a stellar cast such as Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Samuel L. Jackson, Maya Rudolph and Snoop Dogg.

The plot itself was rather basic, a story about a simple snail wanting a bigger dream and trying all he can to live that dream, despite criticism from others and mother nature. This is a story that is taken in a lot kids movies, so everything about the story was rather predictable, which therefore made the film feel rather short.

Another thing that annoyed me at the start of the movie was the social media plugs before hand. I know social media is the new craze now, but we really should ban programmes and films putting hashtags. However it did relate to the film in the end, so it wasn't too bothering after a while.

However want made the film really stand what was its brilliant over the top gags, and the film overall being wonderfully wacky. My favourite character was his hypochondriac brother Chet, who is constantly worried about Turbo's welfare and obsessed with safety.

In addition, the film managed to do what every kids films should do, which is to provide a good message and morals. This film, despite it's crazy turn of events still managed to do that.

So overall, my review would be that it is predictable, but still very good fun.



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