01/12/2013 18:16 GMT | Updated 31/01/2014 05:59 GMT

Britain, You Boozing Too Much

I'm almost done talking about this I feel, but then again, I'm still fascinated with the subject that I'm never quite.

I'm talking again about Britain and how much we booze. In my opinion, too much.

I've thought lately about quitting the booze again. Waking up with a sore head and empty wallet keeps over shadowing the fun nights out and I've once again asked myself 'is it worth it?'

In NYC recently my American chums stayed out all night, dancing away. As I bowed out before them, I left wondering how they did it until my boyfriend informed me they would drink only two alcoholic drinks only. Sadly, I must admit, my first thought was 'well, what's the point?' Like a lot of my British mates, I don't see much point drinking if I'm not 'getting merry.' I go on average, six nights a week not touching the booze, but when I do drink, it's to, in all honesty, get a bit pissed. And I'm a lightweight, so I rarely get 'a bit.'

It's not that I need drink to relax. If I'm honest, a Friday night visit to the gym followed by a cheeky curry would not only pass for a good time for me, but it would genuinely probably make me happier than a few jars in the local and a sore head the next day. The only problem is, it's not very sociable is it?

I don't need drink to be fun. I'm not like some friends who get louder, sillier, more spontaneous if I drink. I pretty much stay the same. So much so in fact that when I did quit the booze for seven months one time, not many people noticed. But the ones that did notice, gave me such a hard time for it, it was almost easier having a hangover than the grief of "oh go on, just one; don't make me drink alone..."

So, aside the really fun nights and the times when being tipsy with your mates is literally A LOL A MINUTE, this is the reason why I drink. Because the UK tells me too.

Society says I should drink. And not only drink, but brag about it. To work in TV, it's almost a badge of honour in some companies to come in on a Friday morning with a Pret cheese and ham croissant and a drunken tale. Every program I watch on TV involves drinking. Yes, its true Geordie Shore isn't the most common reflection on the entire youth population in the UK but it certainly mirrors some people's feelings on alcohol. "Get it down you, be wild, and let your hair down."

Quitting the booze a few years ago faced actual backlash from people. It seems my non drinking made them feel bad about their drinking.

Why do we Brits love to get sloshed so much? I think it originated from "the war" (like most things) and isn't helped by the weather. But I do feel our relationship to booze needs to change. Like a fine wine, it needs to mature.

You don't see the Italians, French or Greeks falling out of clubs with a tit hanging out. It's always the Brits. I doubt they ever did Benidorm Uncovered for the Spanish audience. They just don't get pissed like we do.

Last month, I actually sponsored a couple of friends to go without booze for a month. A MONTH?! I sponsored them! (Love you Matt, still proud of you...) but still! It's a month! Shouldn't it be NORMAL to go periods of time without boozing?

So, with this in mind, I am going to try and watch what I consume, try to live a little outside of the pub and have a few more hangover free Sundays than I do sore ones.

And I urge you all to do the same. I don't want to reproduce one day in a world that says it's ok to binge it up every weekend.

Although, saying all this, I should add that I have just typed this up with a hangover. It was the NOW Magazine Xmas party.

And, was it worth it?