Getting Your Diet Back on Track for the New Year

So Christmas is over and if like me you're feeling like you've eating one too many mince pies or had a few too many party cocktails, here are some tips to get you back on track.

So Christmas is over and if like me you're feeling like you've eating one too many mince pies or had a few too many party cocktails, here are some tips to get you back on track.

1) Detox

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The fiery nature of chillis will help to boost your metabolism. This means that your body will break down food more efficiently and you will burn calories quicker.

Eating chillis will also have a positive influence of other aspects of your health as they are full of anti-oxidants and will boost your metabolism .

Did You Know...?

The vitamins and minerals in chillis are fantastic for preventing premature aging. They play a key role in promoting collagen production, meaning that eating them will make your skin firmer, smoother and softer the natural way.

3) Shake up your exercise routine with interval training

After all of the indulgence, you really need to give your body the boost it needs. To kick-start your progress, I recommend interval training. Interval training will not only make your routine more interesting but it will also speed up your metabolism. Forcing your body, and therefore your heart rate, to speed up, slow down and rest in a cycle will make it work harder to fight for consistence. This will speed up your metabolism really effectively and will also increase your stamina and fitness. It's a brilliant way to train.

4) Take To The Pole

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Pole dancing is definitely one of my favourite ways to tone up. It really strengthens your core and will help you to elongate your muscles, creating, long lean lines. Plus, learning a new skill or technique is always fun.

Note: Don't be put off by preconceptions.

It might feel strange at first, but if you can get over the initial self consciousness, you'll really enjoy it and the positive changes to your body will make you never want to stop. Despite what you may think, it's a lovely environment and very supportive being around a group of girls encouraging you to nail all the different moves. Plus it's lots of fun and will bring out a sexy side in you which your partner may appreciate upon your return.

It takes an extremely athletic person to lift their own weight, and a very talented person to do this whilst looking sexy lol. The benefits are that there are literally hundreds of different exercises and moves so you can always progress and not get bored.

5) Start A Dance Class

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Dancing is a fantastic way to get fit and meet new people. You may think of it as being a secret way just to go out, drink and party. However, the really good clubs, with the really talented dancers, are found in bars where they will happily serve you jugs of water to keep you hydrated so you don't faint from all the spins and heat. I've been to many salsa bars/clubs and left completely drenched in sweat. Yes, I admit, some of it was not my own, but hey ho, that's the point in this little adventure. Get up close, lose your inhibitions and dance. Dance like nobody is watching! Wear comfy shoes and some shorts underneath your skirt (it will fly up in a spin) and just go for it. Before you know it, hours will have passed and you will have burned so many calories whilst having the time of your life. I guarantee you can't do it without a huge smile on your face. No one ever dances and doesn't smile. It's contagious!

Have fun! Hayley x

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