17/03/2014 08:16 GMT | Updated 14/05/2014 06:59 BST

Try Something New

Workouts can sometimes get boring. Gyms, aerobics, running... they work but sometimes you need something to revitalize you and keep you interested in your workout. I know that after buying all of those Christmas presents, parties and outfits, everyone is looking to save some money but exercising needn't be expensive. Here are 5 'free' workout ideas you'll love.


Image by Tim Smith

1) Hoola Hooping

This is so much fun to do and provides a great whole body workout. It's also a lot trickier to do than it looks so your body will have to fight to perform the exercises and stabalise itself. This will make you tone up quicker and burn so many more calories than you would doing exercises that you find 'easy. Plus you can buy hoola hoops for as little as £1 so they're perfect.

Top Tip: Hoola hoops aren't just good for your waist. They're also a fantastic way to tone up your arms, legs and even your neck. A great tip is to YouTube hoola hooping exercise videos as they'll show you lots of different exercises that will make sure you use the hoola hoop to gain the best results possible.

2) Skipping

Skipping is a calorie busting wonder. Just 10 mins skipping will burn more calories than a 30 min walk. It will improve your co-ordination and improve your fitness. It really is great.

Top Tip: You can do more than just skip on the spot. Why not try skipping using different patterns and techniques. There are so many tricks that you can learn to keep you entertained and it's a lot of fun to do by yourself or with your children.

3) Roller Skating

Roller skating is great to do as a hobby. You can join roller skating clubs to meet new people or even just go for a skate as an excuse to have some 'me time.' Whatever way you choose to do it, roller skating will provide your body with a great workout. It will also increase your core stability as your body will fight to remain stable and co-ordinated. All of these things meant that, not only will your leg, things and stomach get an AMAZING workout but your will also be increasing your body's metabolism and fat burning ability.

4) Cycling

When thinking of cycling, three words come to mind... Cardio, cardio, cardio! Alright that's one word but you get the idea. Cycling is one of the most effective forms of cardio out there. It might not be 'new and exciting' but it's one of the best ways to keep fit and burns loads of calories! It will also help you to obtain a tones tummy, perfect thighs and a perky bum. Who wouldn't want that?! I'm not saying cycle to work but why not go for a cycle around your local park on a Saturday and Sunday. It might only be 2 days but it will make a huge difference. Give it a try!

5) Buy A Workout DVD

When it's cold outside, you might not want to exercise outdoors, or head to the gym so a great alternative is to buy a workout DVD. They might cost approx. £10 but with the amount you'll use it, you'll definitely get your moneys worth.

Top Tip: It's important to pick a good workout DVD as some are very 'faddy' and won't be as effective as others. I love Josie Gibson's '30 Second Slim' and any of Rosemary Conley or Davina McCall's fitness DVD's are brilliant. The instructors in them really know what they are on about and the exercises will be really effective in burning fat and toning you up.

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