28/09/2017 07:26 BST | Updated 28/09/2017 07:27 BST

Why The Zombie Apocalypse Is Already Here

I admit it.

I love anything horror related, so I love zombies. I binge-watched 'The Walking Dead' and because of that, I expect a zombie to come walking out of any dark room.

So, when the zombies are here, the world goes a bit crazy.

You've got the zombies who are the walking dead. And the survivors who are just trying to get by.

I can't help but think, that's what's happening now.


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Look around you on a morning and see how many people are happy. Notice how many people are happy at work. How many people actually seem happy overall?

I believe that most of us are the walking dead. I was one of them. I was in a job that made me miserable, but I kept on at it, thinking that hard work would turn it all around. I'd done well at school, did well in my degree and then carried on to do a post-graduate diploma. I even studied another degree just to pass the time on my long commute.

I worked hard in my chosen career, putting in long hours because I'd been taught at school that hard work pays off. I ended up miserable, overworked, ill and underpaid. I asked for a pay rise and was told that I was lucky to have a job because they could get someone straight out of college who would do it for less.

The promise I'd been given of working hard at school and university, to get a good, well-paid job had been a lie. Most of my generation were fed the same lie. They too are miserable and questioning what their purpose is.

Then, you've got the survivors.

The ones who are trying to get by and who keep on looking for the silver lining. That's me now.

I'm in a career that I love and I'm following my purpose. But I feel like I'm fighting a constant tide of zombies.

It's getting worse.

Just recently a letter has been sent out to parents by a number of schools saying that the expected attendance for school has been changed. If your child has a cold, then they want you to send them to school with medicine.

Now, I loved school and I love learning. I'm not one for skiving. I do value education and life-long learning.

However, I had to send my 4 year old daughter to school sniffling and coughing, with a bottle of paracetamol in her bag. Yes, she was OK and got the care she needed from her lovely teachers, but the message we're giving our kids (from those in power who are thinking like zombies) is still the same - work hard and you'll get what you desire.

Don't listen to your body. Don't take a rest when you need it. Carry on and work yourself into the ground. Oh, and if you get ill or stressed doing so, you can just pop a pill in your mouth and it will all get better.

Horror and zombie movies don't scare me any more, I now fear for the future.

What we're doing to ourselves.

The children and teenagers I coach are already living in this world of fear. They can already feel the virus spreading.


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They're scared of failing, scared of not being good enough and of letting people down. The pressure is getting to them and many are switching off to their potential and becoming one of the walking dead.

I'm teaching them how to be a survivor by empowering them to realise that they are unique. They don't have to go with the zombie crowd, they don't have to fit in and they don't have to work hard. Working 'smart' is much better.

The ones who beat the zombies have self confidence and resilience. They know how to pick themselves up when the world looks bleak, they work smart - coming up with strategies and creative solutions that outwit the zombies and baddies.

Most of all they have belief - in themselves and others. A sense of community, where we can all support each other, instead of what's being bred by the world of working hard - trampling your way to the top, no matter who is in your way. Oh and they rest when they need to. They know that you can't make a difference to anyone when you haven't got anything to give. They recharge their batteries and come back fighting.

So, it's my hope that we can stop the spread of the zombies.

Here's what you can do:

  • Question your life - are you happy with what you're doing and with what you have? If not, what can you change? How can you rise up above the walking dead and see the silver lining?
  • What do you want to teach your children? Can we all make a change together? Can we redesign the outdated education system, so our children can be creative and overcome the problems of the future?
  • And how can you be more connected? Do you spend time judging yourself and others? Do you listen to your needs? Do you take time out to recharge your batteries? Do you believe in yourself and others?
  • Ask yourself what you can do to make your world worth fighting for?

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