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Supplement Testing With Informed Sport

Following on from my recent blog article about supplements. I have put up a video on my

YouTube channel explaining both the importance

and what it actually means to have supplements Informed Sport Tested, together with

the dangers and pitfalls of taking supplements that haven't been through this stringent



There are some serious dangers to people's health and careers if they choose wrongly in

this pretty uncontrolled market place. If you haven't seen my most recent blog on what

supplements I take, then you can find it on my site

In this interview on YouTube, I talk to Terence O'Rourke one of the top men from the

company that conducts and manages the Informed Sport testing process.

These are the people responsible for testing sports supplements in their own laboratories

to make sure what the manufacturer claims to be in the list of ingredients, are indeed in

the actual supplement. They also test to make sure there are no illegal or banned

substances in the product, either placed there deliberately or inadvertently, which could

lead to you incurring an anti-doping violation.

The really terrifying statistic for any professional athlete, member of the armed services,

police or indeed anyone liable to be tested is that about 10% of all supplements sold on

the market; the percentage is even higher in the USA, are inadvertently contaminated

through poor manufacturing processes and/or materials handling and storage. This is a

completely separate problem to those products deliberately sold containing banned


In laymen's terms the huge health benefit with Informed Sport testing is that every

supplement powder and pill, which undergoes this highly sophisticated and rigorous

process is batch tested and if clean, is certificated and given a unique code.

Batch testing means that each and every separate production run of a product has to go

through this process. So the testing is always current and as a consequence very safe

and reliable, as not only does the I.S process verify the product, it also verifies both the

manufacturing process and critically the raw material supply chain.

This process means you have peace of mind and are safe in the knowledge that what you

are taking, is not only what it says on the packet but it is safe and free of any third party

rogue ingredients, either deliberately or inadvertently found in the product.

Naturally this is something every professional sports person and member of the armed

services needs to take extremely seriously because if tested positively it could easily

result in a lifetime ban; being disgraced in the media with your career potentially ended,

as what you have essentially done is to fail a drugs test.

I have used supplements for a while and being part of the WADA testing protocol have

had to be scrupulously sure everything I take carries the Informed Sport badge and seal

of approval.

However for a lot of people not under the same constraints as people like me, they

simply have no idea about the huge benefits this testing process delivers nor the real

dangers they face by buying cheap, untested supplements.

Even though they don't have to worry about failing a drug tests, they are putting

themselves and their long term health at real risk. As although thankfully very rare,

nevertheless a number of people do tragically die each year from taking untested fat

burners to cite but one potentially rogue product line.

When I created my supplement range I made sure the first thing we did after determining

the purity and quality of ingredient and the effectiveness of the product, was to make

absolutely sure we were signed up to the Informed Sport testing protocol.

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