HuffPost talked to Lesley Green Rennis about the best ways to get the most out of your diets.
Smoothie and supplement companies might get your hopes up, but "medically, it doesn’t really make sense".
It should also be pointed out that taking vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements will not make up for an unhealthy, unbalanced diet.
Over the last decade we've started to deify protein: the message now reads more is better. There are supplementary bars, shakes and pills - supermarket aisles are now strewn with products once sold only in pro sports shops. Quick-fix protein has never been more readily available.
I don't want to get into a long rant on the efficacy of the multitude of supplements out there so, here is the low down on my top three supplements that I do think have positive effects and scientific backing.
It's a new month already, and time again for our monthly review of the best new health and fitness studies. This month, brilliant research on obesity, preferential activating different muscles during squats and, of course, Pokemon Go all make an appearance!
'Pregnant women may be vulnerable to these messages.'
Many vitamin and mineralsupplements promoted to pregnant women as a means of giving their child the best possible start in
When you start taking your training to the next level, it can be confusing knowing which supplements to incorporate into your diet, which ones will work harmoniously with your exercise and training goals, how and why they work.