We Need To Start Listening To Experts Again

05/06/2017 16:57 BST | Updated 05/06/2017 16:57 BST
Jovanmandic via Getty Images

It was one of the quotes that defined last summers referendum on the UK's European membership, 'people in this country have had enough of experts' said then Tory Justice Secretary and key 'Leave' campaigner Michael Gove. An expert in definition is 'a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area.' in other words, a person best placed to offer advice or make decisions on a certain topic.

It may be true that the general public get a bit wound up with certain experts such as pollsters who track general elections, for example. But they still hold the best skills and knowledge to provide tracking and estimates around events like referendums and elections, they even provide similar services to business giants to improve sales and other targets.

However, why do politicians like Theresa May and Donald Trump shun expert opinions? Theresa May, as Home Secretary, ignored strong advice from policing and security experts on her brutal police cuts including a widely shared video from 2015 where an award winning community police officer with over 15 years experience on the streets of Manchester alone made a plea to the then home secretary on the very subject.

Donald Trump, in the last few days has pulled the United States of America out of the monumental Paris agreement where the only countries to not be apart of the agreement are Syria which is facing a major war and Nicaragua who feels the agreement does not go far enough. Trump has ignored calls from politicians, charities, his own people and many scientists. He previously says he does not believe in Climate Change and has even alluded that it is a conspiracy created by China.

Brexit is a stark example of how experts and fact was ignored. Michael Gove attacked experts, Nigel Farage attacked immigrants and Boris Johnson promised £350million a week from EU membership fee's to the NHS. The fact is migration is good for Britain, experts are smart and the NHS is never seeing that money under the current government, if any government at all because we simply didn't pay £350million a week in the first place.

For civilisation to progress in every area we need to take the time to listen carefully and act on the advice of professionals and experts who have the experience and facts that should guide government policy and help pave the path the a safer, brighter and more prosperous world. If we continue to elect people with vested interest and warped views who refuse to listen to facts and testimonies from people on the front line we are not going progress we will simply turn the clocks backwards.

Things needs to change. The conservatives have proven time and time again they are not willing to listen and act on sound advice and this has already effected UK society in many ways from poverty to welfare to security. Top experts need to be involved and above everything else listened to on key issues to provide solutions to the problems that pose a threat to society and humanity. That is the only way that we will be able to move forward on a progressive path without facing disaster at home, abroad or globally.