22/02/2016 10:13 GMT | Updated 21/02/2017 05:12 GMT

18 Things You Missed at National Student Pride 2016

I currently have MEGA post-pride blues. It's my third year helping out with National Student Pride since it came to London, and in an attempt to boost my levels to those I get when in our luminous pink skinny jeans - I've jotted down my highlights of the Saturday:

1. We Came Out In STYLE


Fabulous darling - The R U Coming Out Panel

2. Especially Charlie Craggs


Charlie who started Nail Transphobia owned the start of the R U Coming Out Panel with #RainbowList high flyer Wayne Dhesi, Radio 1 DJ Adele Roberts, Union J's Jaymi Hensley and Sherelle Garwood

3. Adele Roberts was brutally honest about what it is like being gay in the radio industry

She also talked about how she wished she came out to her parents before Big Brother.

4. Jaymi from Union J criticised the music industry for telling artists to stay in the closet just days after George Shelly came out. He also called out the behaviour of one Showbiz journalist...

He who must not be named

5. The Warwick Rowers were there.



6. Maggie Thatcher Queen of Soho flirted with the rowers too

Oh Margret

7. Ok so Maggie flirted. A LOT

But she was only saying what we were all thinking.

8. #Proud moment here. National Student Pride without making a profit and with free entry became the BIGGEST LGBT careers fair of its kind with over 55 stall holders. People literally got jobs they can be open and proud of at Student Pride.


There was graduate scheme interviews with Google, EY, IBM and Clifford Chance. We know some of you went on to get jobs. Congratulations!

9. We made international headlines, when Will Young called out Nicky Morgan for not giving a s**t about mental health.

Then Nicky Morgan's office responded by saying he was using gay kids to boost his career. (FYI We oversold our tickets after we announced Will. #JustSayin )

10. The Mental Health panel was incredibly moving and powerful by all accounts though. In my first blog for the Huff Post I wrote about the need for more hope in the battle against mental health. This WHOLE panel was a massive ray of hope.

Talking is hope. Keep talking about mental health, it breaks down barriers and stigmas.

11. At the same time these WONDERFUL LGBT YouTubers who have been inspiring hope in their own way chatted about the soft power they and other YouTubers have.


If you haven't worked out by now. I LOVE STORIES. More stories and discussion please. Chaired by Calum McSwiggan and joined by Mawaan Rizman, Jamie Raines, Riyadh K & Merredith and Shoshana

12. Then the Lip Sync happened. And the SASS went through the roof.

Gaga got nothing on this.

13. I've obviously watched it in it's full glory at least 47 times before I first uploaded it to YouTube.

But I also picked out my favourite moments of Alaska 5000 and Heat Radio's James Barr judging

14. Mademoiselle Angelique. You are my new Beyonce. BAE

Why you didn't win? I still don't know.

15. Like, Alaska sums up how I feel perfectly about your performance. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN TWO 10s

Seriously though Mr Barr. Come On.

16. When the two finalists danced with James Barr and Alaska 5000 though

I peaked. Just a little

17. Then we danced the night away with Cheerleaders, Scream Queens and large posters of Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande at G-A-Y Heaven.

What more could you ask for? (Other than real Nick Jonas...)


18. Yeah, so I ❤️💛💚💙💜 helping out at this event. I also love wearing pink skinny jeans.


Well done to the whole team, You Rock.