Farage the Human Dynamo Has Back-Up Waiting in the Wings

Yesterday's piece in the Huffpo featured UKIP's Treasurer, Stuart Wheeler, who said that UKIP needs to showcase its brightest and best to ensure that we are seen as a broader party than just Nigel Farage. And we do not want him burning himself out, human dynamo that he is.

Yesterday's piece in the Huffpo featured UKIP's Treasurer, Stuart Wheeler, who said that UKIP needs to showcase its brightest and best to ensure that we are seen as a broader party than just Nigel Farage. And we do not want him burning himself out, human dynamo that he is.

Most political parties have this problem. Take David Cameron before the last election, I can remember the media and others criticising him for being a one-man-party - where's your shadow cabinet they cried? But unless something controversial was being discussed, most other cabinet members didn't get a look in. Michael Gove did because of his proposed sweeping education reforms which the left driven commentariat didn't like.

Could you name a Liberal Democrat other than Paddy Ashdown and Nick Clegg? Possibly Vince Cable because the BBC held him up as some sort of economic guru, which he wasn't and has demonstrated this in government.

Ed Miliband? People still confuse him with his brighter and more charismatic brother, David. Well, there's Ed Balls, you can't forget him, Gordon Brown's chief executioner of UK Plc's balance sheet. Anyone else?

Green Party - a non-entity.

The SNP's Alex Salmond? The feasible sounding man who, until you listen closely, wants to declare independence but still retain all the rights of being British. He's a snake-oil salesman.

So what of UKIP, who are they?

UKIP's senior MEPs

Paul Nuttall - deputy leader - equivalent of Nick Clegg (but that's where the similarity ends), all round good Scouser , thinker, former university history lecturer and professional footballer and excellent media performer. Paul has visited Bulgaria and highlighted the problems for both the UK and Bulgaria and Romania if many of their subjects leave their countries to come here. He sets out a commonsense approach to immigration. He also speaks on foreign affairs, particularly Syria.

Godfrey Bloom - UKIP's Chancellor. Former award winning City fund manager and holder of the Territorial Decoration and bar, champion of women in business, despite the mis-leading attempts to paint him as a misogynist. As a member of the European Parliament's Gender and Equality Committee (sic) he fights for women in Britain who want to work who are being discriminated against because of draconian maternity 'rights' and is running a campaign to stop the EU imposing mandatory female quotas on UK listed companies. His simple (flat) tax policy would set millions free from income tax with no loss of income to the Treasury as it is cost neutral.

Roger Helmer - who, after 12 years as a Conservative MEP, defected to UKIP. Former businessman, expert on environmental issues, including the climate change wheeze, and promoter of shale gas technology.

Stuart Agnew - farmer and spokesman on agriculture.

Do you see the pattern here? They're all experts in their field.

The Professional Party

Lisa Duffy - party director and Mayor of Ramsey. Lisa is responsible for candidate selection, training, elections and runs the town of Ramsey in Cambridgeshire. Lisa and her family, including her partner, Pete Reeve (more later) have driven campaigns and taken social action to the heart of their community. Dave's Big Society is alive and well in Ramsey and was before Dave came up with the phrase.

Steve Crowther, chairman - a most likeable and calm chap and honest about the party, warts and all, and is credited with making UKIP more professional. He steers the barge, which occasionally veers off-course, which he quickly rectifies. He makes Grant Shapps look like the boy-wonder and remind me, who is the Labour party equivalent?

Will Gilpin - chief executive. Former fighter pilot who, although has only been in the party a short while, is responsible for streamlining the party and oversees the day-to-day running of UKIP.

Tim Aker, head of policy. Thinker, all-round nice guy and responsible for heading up the current policy review for delivery at Conference in September. So, media and opposition, stop being sloppy in suggesting that we have a 'black hole' in our policies and ideas. They are being fully costed too - unlike George Osborne and his back of a cigarette packet ideas for media soundbites such as child benefit and not raising taxes after next election, etc.

Cllr Pete Reeve - County Councillor in Cambridgeshire, District Councillor in Huntingdonshire and Town Councillor in Ramsey. He's got the district pretty sewn up through hard work. He is also the policy director and local government spokesman. His liberalisation of planning and unemployed Workfare ideas will make housing more affordable and give back respect and pride to the long-term unemployed.

Rising stars who could be your next MEPs

It seems given that UKIP will come first in the 2014 European elections. Dave has admitted as much and he could see the demise of over half of his 27 MEP cohort.

It would be unfair to me to try to name all those aspiring MEPs as UKIP is conducting its selection process at the moment and we will know on 7th October who will be running and in what order.

Apparently around 330 people applied and that number has now been whittled down and interviews are taking place. There's some tough competition.

I wish you all well, it's been an exciting year for UKIP with more to come.

And media please - give us a call, we are all competent and it allows the British public to see us before the elections. I can speak on welfare, gender issues, small businesses and a host of other things. I've been called by the BBC twice in the last week, I've prepared for the programmes and then dropped at the last minute. If you call, don't hedge your bets, honour the offer.


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