26/07/2013 07:05 BST | Updated 24/09/2013 06:12 BST

Egypt: General Sisi Seeks Popular Mandate to Suppress

Listen to the words of a General, following their overthrow of a civilian government. Note their titles and positions awarded them too. Also are they wearing shades, and prefer their military attire. Usually reveals what will happen next.

As the Minister of Defence, Commander-in-Chief and First Deputy Prime Minister, General Sisi wearing shades and military uniform stated:

"I ask all honorable and faithful Egyptians to take to the streets on Friday, to mandate me to confront terrorism and violence. I did not ask of you anything before."

"I want you Egyptians to delegate the army and the police to confront violence in a suitable way. Please bear the responsibility with the army and the police. Show your steadfastness. This does not mean that I want violence or terrorism."

"If violence or terrorism are resorted to, the military and the police are authorized to confront that violence and terrorism." [Egypt Independent]

The focus now is on what mandate in confronting terrorism and violence the army wants.

The youth group Tamarud (which collected 22 million signatures for Morsi to go leading to June 30 protest) on Facebook said:

"We call on all the great people of Egypt to come out in masses this Friday to demand the prosecution of Muhammad Morsi and lend support to the armed forces in its upcoming fight against terrorism and cleansing traitors out of Egypt. We will fight against terrorism publically and militarily." [CNN]

Cleansing traitors - you have my attention.

However Reuters reported the leader of this Egyptian youth group Mahmoud Badr saying:

"We call on the people to take to the streets on Friday to support their armed forces, which we support and are happy for it to play its role in confronting the violence and terrorism practiced by the Muslim Brotherhood." [Reuters]

Bread not Blood

There is a bloodlust to settle disputes between rival factions once and for all. Sisi is finding that being in the limelight, doing the public leader thing is actually so good combined with a military uniform he might just want to add another title to the collection.

Dictator: governing with a bloody fist which was raised aloft by the people to do whatever it takes. This is the concern whenever a military figure calls for popular legitimacy for future actions.

There is no love lost between me and the Muslim brotherhood that failed to address economic and law and order issues. The graffiti "More bread less beards" summed up the Islamist priorities for President Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood over good governance. His absolute power decrees made him no democrat, with no accountability for his conduct in office.

Egyptians do go out onto the streets this Friday; make clear that you want democracy and reconciliation - no blood, no prison camps, no torture, no ministry of alteration, and no sexual assaults.

Here is hoping the words of Jefferson do not hold true for the liberty tree in Egypt.