26/10/2011 06:24 BST | Updated 25/12/2011 05:12 GMT

An Open Letter to Democrats

Dear Democrats,

As in my last blog "An Open Letter To Republicans" where I told them that they better get used to Mitt Romney - here is my advice to you Democrats... Hold your nose and swallow hard Obama is your man!

It is tradition that you Democrats like to 'fall in love' with your candidate while Republicans 'fall in line.'

Clearly Barack Obama began his presidency with your highest level of expectations and support.

The difficult circumstances and events that have confronted your former hero Barack have slowed the process of the change you had so very much hoped for.

Unlike the last election, Obama cannot run as an exciting unknown and historic figure. This time he must run on and sell his record of accomplishment.

So, are you going to sit there complaining that the glass is half empty and allow the opposition to define Obama's presidency and your party in their terms?

Karl Rove is already doing that very adeptly and raising tons of cash for his 'generic candidate' at the same time.

You may want to keep your moaning to a minimum and take stock of just what your guy has already accomplished in his first three years in office.

He took actions - TARP and related bail outs - to prevent another Great Depression.

He is the first Democrat to successfully pass major health care reform in decades - The Health Care Reform Act.

He eliminated 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

He has had numerous victories in the war against terrorism - in particular killing Osama Bid Laden and participating in the end of the reign of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

It is worth noting - Whoever the Republicans Nominee turns out to be - if elected - numero uno on his - that's right his - agenda will be to dismantle all of Obama's successful legislation starting with "The Health Care Reform Act" - referred to by the Republicans as "Obamacare."

The toughest challenge for Obama and for you is to sell his record of accomplishments to his base - who have been the hardest hit in this economic downturn - that his plan will eventually result in an economic turnaround.

Up to this point, the opposition has control of the PR war.

Since the 2010 Mid-Terms and the loss of Democratic control in Congress, Obama has lost his legislative sword.

This means the president needs to rely on bi-partisanship which has been in very short supply.

Many inside and outside of your party's base are still wondering why he did not focus like a laser on 'Jobs, Jobs, Jobs' - when he still had the legislative clout to get it done.

Also worth noting, since your president is the presumptive Democratic nominee - there is no challenger. This also means there is no real excitement on the Democratic side.

The only story in town which is captivating the TV audience and sucking up all the oxygen in the room is the GOP Nomination race.

This election is happening against the back drop of a very weak and struggling economy.

It is unlikely to dramatically improve before Election day November 6, 2012.

So the number one concern for the US Voters will be who has the best plan to restore economic growth and bring back jobs.

Since we all live in a borderless global economy the choice the American people make will affect everyone's life dramatically.

It looks like Obama will have to do something exciting to get you all motivated and interested again and Get Out The Vote! - 'GOTV'

Right now the President is using the "American Jobs Act" as a campaign tool to try to get his base excited.

He is going across the country cross trying to use this fight over this piece of legislation as a campaign tool.

Since the Republican controlled Congress does not seem at all interested in giving Obama anything he wants, even at the risk of tanking the economy, he and his team are now branding the Republican Congress as the 'Do Nothing Congress'.

They seem committed to running against Congress - who has an even lower job approval rating than his - the way Harry Truman successfully did back in 1948.

That was a very different time however, over 63 years ago. Long before the 24 hour a day media saturation.

If Obama wanted to add excitement to his ticket - he could select Hillary Rodham Clinton as his Vice-presidential running mate.

The VP spot would be like a vacation for Secretary Clinton who has given the "energiser Bunny" a run for his money.

Along with Hillary he would get the best political salesman and political mind of this time - Bill Clinton.

This move would also have the affect of re-energising the Democratic base who are disappointed and disaffected.

Some are also feeling 'buyer's remorse'.

In addition to the fact that Obama needs to do something exciting this election and as the leader of your party he also might consider picking someone who could actually win in 2016.

Your Democratic bench is weak at this point and picking Secretary Clinton would guarantee that a strong Democratic candidate would be in the running in 2016.

Obama won some traditionally Republican states last time. This time that will be harder to do.

He will also face new hurdles with his base.

Republicans control the legislatures in some key states and have put in new measures that will make it harder for traditional Democratic voters to actually cast their ballots: new voter ID laws, eliminating Saturday voting and cutting off 'Early Voting.'

All of these changes will make it harder for poor, minority and young voters to cast their ballots.

Obama needs to put his base back into his corner - Young Voters, African American, Hispanic, Women, Jewish, Gay Voters, etc.

This time Democrats if you expect to win it is time to come back down to earth - take stock in what you have accomplished - and learn something from the Republicans - it is time to fall in line.

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