Mitt's Not So Excellent Adventure

27/07/2012 08:18 BST | Updated 25/09/2012 10:12 BST

Mitt Romney has established himself as a wealthy and successful businessman in the eyes of the American public.

What is not so clear is how he will translate those skills into his ability to be president of the United States of America.

Being president is not like being Chairman of the Board or CEO of a successful company.

It is a unique position with a job description that actually defies description.

Leader of the Free World.

Commander-in-Chief of all American Armed Forces.

Salesman and Motivator-in-Chief for all US Policy.

The Nation's Supreme Compromiser and Conciliator.

The Leader of his own political party.

The one the nation looks to in times of sorrow and grief and sometimes joy.

The president also has some big shoes to fill.

Washington, Adams, Madison, Jefferson, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Reagan and the list goes on.

Each candidate for the presidency not only needs to convince the American people that they have a plan to solve all US domestic woes, but that they are also up to the task of taking charge of US Foreign Policy on Day One!

Both Republicans and Democrats understand that their role in the world is key to America's National Security.

Failures in Foreign Policy often mean big budget busting holes in the US economy - just take a look at the price tags for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Whether it is in matters of international trade or security, the president is also America's Chief Diplomat.

The president is our living presence on the world stage.

He or she must smooth ruffled feathers, take strong stands when necessary, promote our values and build coalitions.

Key among Governor Romney's goals on this trip to Great Britain, Israel and Poland is to show that he could look and act 'Presidential' while standing next to other world leaders.

This is why Governor Romney chose to make this venture onto the international stage at the London Olympics this week.

He may have been hoping for that 'Barack Obama Berlin Moment' - frenzied and adoring throngs cheering his every word - as he basks in the glory of his 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic success.

Although this trip may produce one or two precious campaign photo opportunities, it is now even more clear that Mitt Romney, unlike JFK, Reagan or Clinton is not a natural charmer.

The trip to London has just begun and already he is having trouble staying on script.

Despite the best effort of his highly professional team... they could not protect Mitt from Mitt.

The Governor does not seem to be able to let go and joust playfully without plunging head first into hot water.

He was probably trying to be candid, truthful and open about a topic he knows quite a bit about - the challenges of pulling off a huge event like the Olympics.

What he may not have realized is that the words of a presidential candidate are subject to a super level of scrutiny in a way that nothing can prepare you for - not even being Governor of Massachusetts.

In no time he found himself in trouble with America's closest ally and Olympic host country to boot - for clearly an unintentional gaffe.

The British are a tough audience.

They subject their leaders to weekly questioning in Prime Minister's Questions - something unimaginable here in the States.

Let's just say the Brits have very high expectations of their leaders and they let them know it at every wrong turn.

Although this is his first foray into this new role, Governor Romney will have another opportunity on this trip to prove he is up to the task.

After London, he heads off to Israel.

This part of the trip is really aimed at the wooing the Jewish vote - those living as Expats in Israel and those back home.

Governor Romney will have some high level help here.

He and Prime Minister Netanyahu already know each other well, so Bibi is likely to do his best to assure this meeting goes smoothly.

Unlike those chilly Oval Office sessions with President Obama.

Governor Romney is doing his best to stay on script.

The jury is still out however, on whether he can make the most of this opportunity and convince the American people he is ready to take his place on the world stage.