14/07/2016 11:27 BST | Updated 14/07/2017 06:12 BST

Three Weeks Since Brexit... From a Distance

It's been fascinating watching the UK political system change drastically in just 3 weeks.

Yes, 3 weeks.

I've now been living in the Channel Islands for around 10 months since my move over from England - so I've been following the rumblings prior to and following the Brexit vote with a keen interest, but from afar - so to speak.

The Channel Islands as Crown Dependencies aren't part of the UK - but are connected with the EU thanks to it's current relationship through 'Protocol 3'. That's set to end when the UK does leave the union - unless a new agreement is reached.

So locals I've spoken to here have kept a close eye on proceedings as to what impact it may have on the islands - but it's 'business as usual' according to our ministers.

The focal point in British politics has given may a time to reflect on the work of the now former UK Prime Minister's six years in office.

David Cameron may not have been everyone's cup of tea - but he did achieve some landmark changes in an area I'm particularly passionate about - equal marriage.

I won't forget the scenes I saw on social media last summer as Pride took place in towns and cities across Britain.

Sir Ian McKellen joyously greeting crowds at Manchester Pride, then earlier this year the amazing moment when a police officer proposed to his partner in front of thousands at Pride in London.

What we have seen is a more welcoming and progressive attitude which ever includes the LGBT community - and the Government's landmark move to bring in same sex marriage helped push that forward.

Now three weeks on since the UK's iconic vote to leave the EU, we've seen monumental change in the British political system.

Theresa May is now Prime Minister, a new cabinet's being brought in to run the country and a leadership contest begins in the Labour party.

Many will hope will see more progression on issues to do with social rights, helping those in need and addressing some of the inequalities in society.

If there's one key message that could be reinforced during a time of turbulence and drastic change it's this:

Yes, bad things have happened, we might not agree with a lot of decisions that have been made - but we must not forget the real change, solidarity, strength and courage that's also been seen in events in recent history.

This current phase in politics is also a time for positivity and boldness, not just scepticism.