04/01/2014 18:08 GMT | Updated 06/03/2014 05:59 GMT

Drugs at Work 2: Christmas - Showing Dry January What Fun Was

Many people in the UK decide to detox after the Christmas period. Stilton, port and vast amounts of mince pies are all very well, but come at a cost.

It's a price some aren't always happy to pay, so they then spend January and beyond moaning about weight gain and their plans to get fit for the summer.

It's a shame that contentment and letting go brings a surge of disparity in the New Year, because, really, many have actual fun over Christmas and celebrate things.

Sam Briggs, of Oxford, decided to add cocaine, LSD and Ketamine into his festive mix and have his exploits documented through the medium of video.

You might recall the name - he's the funny chap who last year decided to take drugs at work to gauge workplace capability under the influence, as well as conducting other important scientific analyses. His video went viral and was heralded as a 'landmark piece of investigative journalism' by the likes of Gawker.

Now, Sam's back. In this film he's an elf at a Watford market stall, running a gift wrapping service and raising money for charity in the process. Nobody who allowed him use of the facility knew of his endeavour, he said.

The reason Sam's efforts are so important at this time of year is that they highlight a simple truth: that these are not such depressing months because of the weather, departing from loved ones or a distinct lack of Christmas crackers. It's because a large proportion of society decides to give up drinking - or custard.

Considering many of us get by in life by enjoying a glass or two of wine after work - or indeed slightly more extravagant substances - taking all that away out of forced regret or social formality isn't going to do much good at all. For what is life without a glass of wine with dinner? And what is dinner if it's but a poached chicken breast slumped upon some withered vegetables? No carbs brings anguish.

A dry January isn't necessarily good news because everyone just gets straight back on the G&T in no time at all, with as much purpose and pursuit as ever. We don't need a month of nothing, just fewer instances of chundering throughout the year; not quite so many people falling over in town centres.

Anyway, Sam's brought back last month's cheer and amusement at an otherwise dull time: