08/04/2014 09:48 BST | Updated 07/06/2014 06:59 BST

Young Greens Hold Unprecedented National Ballot to Pick NUS Favourites

After a national ballot of all members, the youth branch of the Green Party has voted to back University of London Union Vice President Daniel Cooper by 71% to be the next leader of the NUS.

Members also decided which other senior executive candidates to support, after several thousand Young Greens were sent candidate manifestos by email on the 2nd April and asked to vote in an online poll of who to support.

The result announced on the 6th April via Facebook, and could have a big effect on the upcoming NUS conference where the left is hoping to make a strong showing.

The vote will be an indicative ballot, and will influence how the dozen or so Young Green delegates from across the country vote at this weekend's NUS conference in Liverpool from the 8th to 10th April.

Young Greens voted to support:

• Daniel Cooper for President (71%)

• Hannah Webb for Vice President Union Development (89%)

• Kelly Rogers for Vice President Welfare (67%)

• Sky Yarlett for Vice President Society and Citizenship (87%)

• Jesse Dodkins for Vice President Further Education (48%)

• Megan Dunn for Vice President Higher Education (52%)

Clifford Fleming, Young Greens co-chair, said: "As Greens we are proud to be fully democratic. In running this vote we have sent a signal to the rest of the student movement to follow suit. We have set a democratic precedent, and will be continuing it in future.

"Young Greens have made their decision clear, and we are pleased to announce we will be supporting Daniel Cooper for President. Daniel is a principled left-wing candidate who as ULU Vice President has shown his dedication to fighting for students and university staff alike, whether through the Tres Cosas cleaner campaign or opposing to shut down of ULU by university management.

"Young Greens will be pushing for free education, decent student grants and for an end to the startling inequalities now present in the sector, as well as supporting workers taking action for fair pay and opposing outsourcing and education cuts. Young Greens have voted to back candidates who stand up for justice in Higher Education.

"This is a crucial point just days before the conference begins, and Young Greens, along with activists in the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts and other progressive organisations, hope to set the tone and make this NUS conference a turning point for the student movement."

Although turnout was low, the poll appears broadly reflective of Young Green opinion, and most of the 'winners' had significant majorities. The organisation will be hoping to build on this experiment in democracy in next year.

President result: