26/09/2014 11:41 BST | Updated 26/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Christina Briggs, If Katie Won't Help You I Will

Don't you just love that headline...

"25 stone mum says tax payers should foot the bill to help her lose weight?"

...just what we need another round of fat bashing and the age old them versus us scare mongering about the plague of the benefit scrounger...I'm sick of it.

And to make it worse Katie Hopkins the new self-appointed queen of the fatties makes another BAFTA nominating performance of someone who actually cares because the fat lady on the couch with the Orange hair is helping to support whatever vile message Katie wants to broadcast, all in an attempt to further her media obsession.

You don;t know what it feels like to be long term overweight Katie, nor do you know what it feels to live on a low income, or live in a culture where convenience food is the norm.

Its all well and good sitting next to Christina with an understanding look of concern and a gentle pat on the arm but what are you actually going to do to help her Katie?

Phillip Scofield says he is shocked by the new Katie Hopkins, I simply say wake up Phil, unless ITV are behind this makeover in an attempt to dampen the backlash from Katie's previous appearances. Nobody buys it. She does not represent overweight women, and she is no expert.

Besides nobody cares what Katie Hopkins has to say about weight loss, she has spent a few months with a little bit of a spare bloody what, oh and look how easy she has lost the weight...what a surprise.

Christina let me tell you something.

Closer, the magazine that printed your story knew exactly what they were doing when they came to interview you, they knew it would make front page news and what this would mean for you in your day-to-day life. That is what they do, although it doesn't make it OK.

Your appearance on the This Morning show was brave I give you that much but don't for a minute think you are a victim. You are not. And you need to stop behaving like you are one. The government are not your parents, it is not their responsibility to help you lose weight, it is your body and you are in control of it.

But I am not judging you or dictating what you should do from here on in, because nobody has the right to tell you what to do. Besides, we all know that Fat Shaming does not work, as you said on yesterdays show having people laugh at you in the street adds to your comfort eating and prevents you from wanting to exercise.

But people will judge you it's just how we are.

So what you are 25stone and on benefits, or that you were bullied at school, that is no reason to be put up in public as a display of where the world is going wrong. This drive to make already marginalised people appear to be the baddies doesn't wash with me, it is just a cheap shot at light entertainment and to keep us from looking at the real problems in this country.

Christina, I have never been your size but I have been somewhere close to it and I know just how difficult it is to face the task ahead. It is almost impossible to believe that there is a way out or to imagine yourself any other way. I have also lived on benefits and I know how challenging it is to budget effectively and prioritize healthy food, but it is not just have to want it enough.

I get that you are a carer and that time and money is limited but do you know what, that just proves that you already know how to prioritize and multitask, there are so many ways of tackling your habits to help you to become healthier. You have to start caring about yourself.

So I am holding my hand out to you, not in a patronising way but as a friend. Get in touch with me and I will work with you for the next 12 months to show you what is within your control. I can't imagine how difficult the last few weeks have been or what the aftermath will be but I know one thing...


I know as the CEO of I am a running fanatic but I don't even care if you never run a single mile, the same rules apply to swimming, cycling, zumba or nookie, it's about setting yourself a goal and making changes in your life to make it happen...dropping the excuses and the pity party for one helps too.

So don't be shy Christina get in touch and I won't charge you a penny for my years worth of coaching and support!!!

How's about that for an offer?