24/06/2016 08:37 BST | Updated 25/06/2017 06:12 BST

Anxious About EU Referendum Results? Five Steps to Help You Cope

Depending on your circumstances you may worry a little or a lot about the potential impact of the EU Referendum results on your life. Here is a quick guide of how to look after yourself and cope with your anxiety. If you feel too overwhelmed to follow any of this now, then come back to it when you are ready.

1. Avoid hysteria

You may find yourself in the company of people who are happy and celebrating. You may find yourself in the company of people who are disappointed, upset or worried. If you do feel anxious, then you may do well to avoid arguing about the results or getting whipped up into a hysterical worry frenzy. You may want to keep your distance in order to keep calm.

2. Allow your anxiety

Anxiety is a normal feeling, it keeps us on our toes, it is all about keeping safe. The problem starts when we live in a permanent state of anxiety, or anxiety that is heightened, out of control and out of proportion. Be aware of your feelings, but also try to get to a point where you can put this anxious energy to some use.

3. What is the worst that can happen?

Think through some scenarios. What are you really afraid of? And what is the worst that can happen? Sometimes it can help to de-spook anxiety, if we don't avoid it but instead stare it right in the eye.

4. Take charge

Depending on your circumstances, there might be a range of possible implication for you. A lot is still unknown. You might be angry, you might be frightened. But you have also got to get on with your life, and may need to think of contingency plans. You might not like it, and you might not like the sense of imposed change and lack of control. You don't need to like it, but you need to get on with it. Life is not always fair or easy - I know. You owe it to yourself to crack on with it, constructively and with purpose.

5. What matters to you most?

When you feel sufficiently calm, have a think of what really matters to you most in your life, now and in the future. I am thinking of values and aspirations. Who are you in this world, and what are you about? And how can you remain true to yourself, Brexit or no Brexit.

Karin Sieger is a London-based psychotherapist and writer. For more information about her work and writing visit