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Top Five Emerging Icons Live: 06 May - 12 May 2013

We're about to let you know about the most unmissable gigs going on next week. These are our Top 5 Emerging Icons Live...

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Roll up, roll up- we've got your weekly tips and treats from the gigging world of our Emerging Icons right here. New music fans everywhere know that this is the #1 place for the hottest shows from the best new talent- and registering your attendance is just a click away.

We've got some cracking shows to tell you about- and whether you're into blues rock, gypsy jazz or a bit of acoustic chill you're definitely in for a good time. Have a read of our previews below and follow the links to visit each artist's profile. Once you're there, have a mooch around. You can listen to their tunes by visiting their music section- and if you like what you hear- you just need to click on the music note next to your top tunes to get them added to your personal playlist on Emerging Icons Radio at Hit the star at the top of their page to become an official SuperFan to show your support of that artist. Or you can go one step further and click 'YES' on the gigs we've mentioned below. It'll register your attendance and the act will know to expect your music-loving face in the crowd at their show.

So please listen up, because we're about to let you know about the most unmissable gigs going on next week. These are our Top 5 Emerging Icons Live...

Monday 6th May

Jungle Doctors at Surya: King's Cross, London

Fresh from nabbing their place at this year's Beach Break Live with Emerging Icons, Jungle Doctors will be hot-footing it over to London's Surya for one last showdown in this year's Road To Blissfields competition. As victors of the capital's national heat, the ever-brilliant indie quintet are in reaching distance of a slot at Blissfields festival this July- but there's just one more hurdle to overcome. In a strong line-up of top new talent from across the country, they've got one more show to play and they would kinda appreciate having y'all in attendance. Consider it a free ticket to good karma by helping them out- as well as being treated to a set from one of the most promising young bands out there. It's going to be one tense night for the guys but your presence can make all the difference for them...

Thursday 9th May

Annaca at St Pancras Old Church: Somers Town, London

Every gig we feature in Top Five Emerging Icons Live is a night of unmissable entertainment. They're the shows that you'll go to and relive in your heads for years to come as these artists continue to grow into becoming the huge names of tomorrow. When it comes to this show, it is more true than ever before. As one of our Headline acts on Emerging Icons, we've been avid and active supporters of Annaca for some time now. We've seen the stunning drama of this gypsy jazz-inspired band unfold on the live stage many times; and at the risk of churning out clichés, every audience has been left spellbound. Put that into an environment as beautiful as St Pancras Old Church and it's going to be off the scale. Go see Annaca in her Spring Showcase with most excellent support from English Sporting Defeat and Thyla. It'd be a sin not to.

Thursday 9th May

Mamas Lips at The Joiners: Southampton, Hampshire

Joining everyone's favourite Neverland orphans/rebellious 80s vampires/indie rock band The Lost Boys, Mamas Lips will be bringing some top-drawer blues rock to The Joiners in Southampton tonight. Just over a year into the life of the band, the groove-loving four-piece have been working hard to hone their sound through rigorous gigging- and it's definitely paid off. Their fresh brand of rock n roll has built up an authenticity that only comes from playing to crowd after crowd of the good, the bad and the beer-swilling. It's in the confidence of a growling vocal that would make Rod Stewart blush and the attitude of every guitar twang that lets you know that this lot ain't pussying out of anything once they get up on that stage. Echoing the likes of The Spencer Davis Group to a tee, how about you see them strut their stuff down in Southampton this evening? Cos that's definitely what they'll be doing. Strutting like a mother effer.

Saturday 11th May

Jemma Tweedie at The Westerlea: Nairn, Scotland

Scottish musician Jemma Tweedie is a singer-songwriter based in a small seaside town... but will no doubt be big news amongst the acoustic community very soon indeed. Her killer creative combo of folk, Americana, rhythm and blues has her marked for all kinds of awesomeness- perhaps explaining why she's been featured with BBC Introducing and 6 Music despite only gigging for less than a year. With her influences ranging from the rock edge of Johnny Cash and The Rolling Stones to the vocal charisma of Amy Winehouse, she's a performer who commands attention the moment she hits the stage with her guitar in hand. It's hard not to like this girl. Take the opportunity to see her on home soil if you can make it to The Westerlea Hotel in Nairn tonight.

Sunday 12th May

Default Collective at The Albert: Queens Park, London

London's creative collaborative project Default Collective are one of our top gig tips as those moody movers and shakers plan to make a big impression at The Albert in Queen's Park. They're a mysterious bunch with an equally beguiling sound to match, blending big beats with atmospheric electronica and haunting vocals to dramatic effect. Regularly described by their audiences as being darkly cinematic, they prefer to surmise their essence in four simple words: producers, performers, purveyors, preachers. If the temptation of this curious act is overwhelming you, you'd best get yourself into London for this whow- especially if you're into acts like UNKLE, Massive Attack and Deerhunter. You're sure to like what you'll hear.

If you can't make it down to any of these shows, don't panic! There are plenty more just waiting to be discovered. All you have to do is click on the GIGS tab at the top of the Emerging Icons homepage where you can find listings from loads more amazing artists!